_internal_read_sac_xy(buf, headonly=False, debug_headers=False, **kwargs)[source]

Reads an alphanumeric SAC file and returns an ObsPy Stream object.


This function should NOT be called directly, it registers via the ObsPy read() function, call this instead.

  • buf (file or file-like object) – Alphanumeric SAC file to be read.

  • headonly (bool) – If set to True, read only the head. This is most useful for scanning available data in huge (temporary) data sets.

  • debug_headers (bool) – Extracts also the SAC headers 'nzyear', 'nzjday', 'nzhour', 'nzmin', 'nzsec', 'nzmsec', 'delta', 'scale', 'npts', 'knetwk', 'kstnm', 'kcmpnm' which are usually directly mapped to the Stream object if set to True. Those values are not synchronized with the Stream object itself and won’t be used during writing of a SAC file! Defaults to False.

Return type



A ObsPy Stream object.


>>> from obspy import read
>>> st = read("/path/to/testxy.sac")