_read_sc3ml(filename, id_prefix='smi:org.gfz-potsdam.de/geofon/')[source]

Read a SeisComp XML file and returns a Catalog.

An XSLT file is used to convert the SCXML file to a QuakeML file. The catalog is then generated using the QuakeML module.


This function should NOT be called directly, it registers via the the write() method of an ObsPy Catalog object, call this instead.

  • filename (str) – SCXML file to be read.

  • id_prefix (str) – ID prefix. SCXML does not enforce any particular ID restriction, this ID prefix allows to convert the IDs to a well formatted QuakeML ID. You can modify the default ID prefix with the reverse DNS name of your institute.

Return type:



An ObsPy Catalog object.


>>> from obspy import read_events
>>> cat = read_events('/path/to/iris_events.sc3ml')
>>> print(cat)
2 Event(s) in Catalog:
2011-03-11T05:46:24.120000Z | +38.297, +142.373
2006-09-10T04:26:33.610000Z |  +9.614, +121.961