interpolate_1d(data, old_start, old_dt, new_start, new_dt, new_npts, type='linear', *args, **kwargs)[source]

Wrapper around some scipy interpolation functions.

  • data (array_like) – Array to interpolate.

  • old_start (float) – The start of the array as a number.

  • old_dt – The time delta of the current array.

  • new_start (float) – The start of the interpolated array. Must be greater or equal to the current start of the array.

  • new_dt (float) – The desired new time delta.

  • new_npts (int) – The new number of samples.

  • type (str or int) – Specifies the kind of interpolation as a string (linear, nearest, zero, slinear, quadratic, cubic where slinear, quadratic and cubic refer to a spline interpolation of first, second or third order) or as an integer specifying the order of the spline interpolator to use. Default is linear.