Various Time Frequency Misfit Functions based on [Kristekova2006] and [Kristekova2009].

copyright:The ObsPy Development Team (devs@obspy.org)
license:GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html)

Public Functions

cwt Continuous Wavelet Transformation in the Frequency Domain.
eg Single Valued Envelope Goodness-of-Fit
em Single Valued Envelope Misfit
feg Frequency-dependent Envelope Goodness-of-Fit
fem Frequency-dependent Envelope Misfit
fpg Frequency-dependent Phase Goodness-of-Fit
fpm Frequency-dependent Phase Misfit
pg Single Valued Phase Goodness-of-Fit
plot_tf_gofs Plot all time frequency Goodness-of-Fits and the time series in one plot
plot_tf_misfits Plot all time frequency misfits and the time series in one plot (per component).
plot_tfr Plot time frequency representation, spectrum and time series of the signal.
pm Single Valued Phase Misfit
teg Time-dependent Envelope Goodness-of-Fit
tem Time-dependent Envelope Misfit
tfeg Time Frequency Envelope Goodness-of-Fit
tfem Time Frequency Envelope Misfit
tfpg Time Frequency Phase Goodness-of-Fit
tfpm Time Frequency Phase Misfit
tpg Time-dependent Phase Goodness-of-Fit
tpm Time-dependent Phase Misfit