get_ray_paths(inventory, catalog, phase_list=['P'], coordinate_system='XYZ', taup_model='iasp91')[source]

This function returns lat, lon, depth coordinates from an event location to all stations in the inventory object

  • inventory – an obspy station inventory

  • catalog – an obspy event catalog

  • phase_list – a list of seismic phase names that is passed to taup

  • coordinate_system – can be either ‘XYZ’ or ‘RTP’.

  • taup_model – the taup model for which the greatcircle paths are computed


a list of tuples [(gcircle, phase_name, station_label, event_timestamp, event_magnitude, event_id, origin_id), ...]. gcircle is an array of shape [3, npoints] with the path coordinates. phase_name is the name of the seismic phase, station_label is the name of the station and network that belongs to the path. event_timestamp, event_magnitude, event_id and origin_id describe the event that belongs to the path.