calc_dist_azi(source_latitude_in_deg, source_longitude_in_deg, receiver_latitude_in_deg, receiver_longitude_in_deg, radius_of_planet_in_km, flattening_of_planet)[source]

Given the source and receiver location, calculate the azimuth from the source to the receiver at the source, the backazimuth from the receiver to the source at the receiver and distance between the source and receiver.

  • source_latitude_in_deg (float) – Source location latitude in degrees

  • source_longitude_in_deg (float) – Source location longitude in degrees

  • receiver_latitude_in_deg (float) – Receiver location latitude in degrees

  • receiver_longitude_in_deg (float) – Receiver location longitude in degrees

  • radius_of_planet_in_km (float) – Radius of the planet in km

  • flattening_of_planet – Flattening of planet (0 for a sphere)


distance_in_deg (in degrees), source_receiver_azimuth (in degrees) and receiver_to_source_backazimuth (in degrees).

Return type:

tuple(float, float, float)