_write_css(inventory, basename)[source]

Writes an inventory object to a CSS database.

The Inventory, Network, Station, and Channel objects are included in the resulting database. Any Comment objects are only saved for the network. Any Response objects are not saved. For fields that are saved, most of the important information is used, but any extra metadata that cannot be represented in CSS will be lost.


Because CSS stores data in multiple files, you cannot write to a file-like object. You should specify the basename of the CSS database only.


This function should NOT be called directly, it registers via the the write() method of an ObsPy Inventory object, call this instead.

  • inventory (Inventory) – The inventory instance to be written.

  • basename (str) –

    The base name of the files to be written. This export format currently writes to the following files (“relations” in CSS terms):


    Clusters seismic stations into networks.


    Describes general information about seismic networks.


    Contains site names and locations on the Earth where seismic measurements are made.


    Describes the orientation of recording channels at a site.


    Stores free-form comments that embellish records of other relations.