class Client(sds_root, sds_type='D', format='MSEED', fileborder_seconds=30, fileborder_samples=5000)[source]

Bases: builtins.object

Request client for SeisComP Data Structure archive on local filesystem.

For details see the __init__() method.


FMTSTR str(object=’‘) -> str
__doc__ str(object=’‘) -> str
__module__ str(object=’‘) -> str
__weakref__ list of weak references to the object (if defined)

Public Methods

get_all_nslc Return information on what streams are included in archive.
get_all_stations Return information on what stations are included in archive.
get_availability_percentage Get percentage of available data.
get_latency Get latency for given stream, i.e.
get_waveforms Read data from a local SeisComP Data Structure (SDS) directory tree.
has_data Check if specified stream has any data.

Private Methods


Private methods are mainly for internal/developer use and their API might change without notice.

_get_current_endtime Get time of last sample for given stream.
_get_filename Get filename for certain waveform.
_get_filenames Get list of filenames for certain waveform and time span.

Special Methods

__dir__ default dir() implementation
__format__ default object formatter
__init__ Initialize a SDS local filesystem client.
__new__ Create and return a new object.
__reduce__ helper for pickle
__reduce_ex__ helper for pickle
__sizeof__ size of object in memory, in bytes
__subclasshook__ Abstract classes can override this to customize issubclass().