Inventory.get_response(seed_id, datetime)[source]

Find response for a given channel at given time.

>>> from obspy import read_inventory, UTCDateTime
>>> inventory = read_inventory("/path/to/IU_ANMO_BH.xml")
>>> datetime = UTCDateTime("2012-08-24T00:00:00")
>>> response = inventory.get_response("IU.ANMO.00.BHZ", datetime)
>>> print(response)  
Channel Response
  From M/S (Velocity in Meters Per Second) to COUNTS (Digital Counts)
  Overall Sensitivity: 3.27508e+09 defined at 0.020 Hz
  3 stages:
    Stage 1: PolesZerosResponseStage from M/S to V, gain: 1952.1
    Stage 2: CoefficientsTypeResponseStage from V to COUNTS, gain: ...
    Stage 3: CoefficientsTypeResponseStage from COUNTS to COUNTS, ...
  • seed_id (str) – SEED ID string of channel to get response for.

  • datetime (UTCDateTime) – Time to get response for.

Return type:



Response for time series specified by input arguments.