class Scanner(format=None, verbose=False, recursive=True, ignore_links=False)[source]

Bases: builtins.object

Class to scan contents of waveform files, file by file or recursively across directory trees.

>>> scanner = Scanner()
>>> scanner.parse("/some/directory/with/waveforms")  
>>> scanner.plot()  

(Source code)

Information on gaps can be accessed in a dictionary structure as scanner._info after calling plot() or analyze_parsed_data() (all timing information is in matplotlib date numbers):

>>> print(scanner._info.keys())  
[u'.LE0083..  Z', u'.RNON..Z', u'.GRB1.. BZ', u'.RNHA..EHN', u'.GRA1.. BN',
 u'ABCD.ABCDE..HHZ', u'.RJOB..Z', u'.CLZ.. BZ',
 u'SEDZ...A', u'.GRA1.. BZ']
>>> print(scanner._info[".RJOB..Z"])  
{u'data_startends_compressed': array(
    [[ 732189.10682697,  732189.10752141]]),
 u'data_starts': array(
    [ 732189.10682697,  732189.10682697,  732189.10682697]),
 u'gaps': [],
 u'overlaps': [(732189.10752141208, 732189.10682696756),
               (732189.10752141208, 732189.10682696756)],
 u'percentage': 100.0}
  • format (str) Use fixed format for reading all files (e.g. MSEED). This skips file format autodetection and speeds up reading waveform data if file format of all files is known to be the same (files with different waveform format will be skipped!).
  • verbose (bool) Whether to print information messages.
  • recursive (bool) Whether to parse directories recursively.
  • ignore_links (bool) Whether to ignore symbolic links.


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__weakref__ list of weak references to the object (if defined)

Public Methods

add_stream Add information of provided stream to scanner object.
analyze_parsed_data Prepare information for plotting.
load_npz Load information on scanned data from npz file.
parse Parse file/directory and store information on encountered waveform files.
plot Plot the information on parsed waveform files.
save_npz Save information on scanned data to npz file.

Special Methods

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__format__ default object formatter
__init__ see Scanner
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__reduce_ex__ helper for pickle
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