Scanner.plot(outfile=None, show=True, fig=None, plot_x=True, plot_gaps=True, print_gaps=False, event_times=None, starttime=None, endtime=None, seed_ids=None)[source]

Plot the information on parsed waveform files.

  • outfile (str) Filename for image output (e.g. "folder/image.png"). No interactive plot is shown if an output filename is specified.
  • show (bool) Whether to open up any interactive plot after plotting.
  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure) Figure instance to reuse.
  • plot_x (bool) Whether to plot “X” markers at start of all parsed ``Trace``s.
  • plot_gaps (bool) Whether to plot filled rectangles at data gaps (red) and overlaps (blue).
  • print_gaps (bool) Whether to print information on all encountered gaps and overlaps.
  • event_times (list of UTCDateTime) Highlight given times (e.g. of events or phase onsets for visual inspection of data availability) by plotting vertical lines.
  • starttime (UTCDateTime) Whether to use a fixed start time for the plot and data percentage calculation.
  • endtime (UTCDateTime) Whether to use a fixed end time for the plot and data percentage calculation.
  • seed_ids (list of str) Whether to consider only a specific set of SEED IDs (e.g. seed_ids=["GR.FUR..BHZ", "GR.WET..BHZ"]) or just all SEED IDs encountered in data (if left None).