PPSD.plot_temporal(period, color=None, legend=True, grid=True, linestyle='-', marker=None, filename=None, show=True, **temporal_restrictions)[source]

Plot the evolution of PSD value of one (or more) period bins over time.

If a filename is specified the plot is saved to this file, otherwise a matplotlib figure is returned or shown.

Additional keyword arguments are passed on to _stack_selection() to restrict at which times PSD values are selected (e.g. to compare temporal evolution during a specific time span of each day).


For example plots see the Obspy Gallery.

  • period (float or list(float)) – Period of PSD values to plot. The period bin with the central period that is closest to the specified value is selected. Multiple values can be specified in a list (color option should then also be a list of color specifications, or left None).

  • color (valid matplotlib color or list(valid matplotlib color)) – Color specification understood by matplotlib (or a list thereof in case of multiple periods to plot). None for default colors.

  • grid (bool) – Enable/disable grid in histogram plot.

  • legend (bool) – Enable/disable grid in histogram plot.

  • linestyle (str) – Linestyle for lines in the plot (see matplotlib.pyplot.plot()).

  • marker (str) – Marker for lines in the plot (see matplotlib.pyplot.plot()).

  • filename (str) – Name of output file

  • show (bool) – Enable/disable immediately showing the plot.