Arrivals.plot_rays(phase_list=None, plot_type='spherical', plot_all=True, legend=False, label_arrivals=False, show=True, fig=None, ax=None)[source]

Plot ray paths if any have been calculated.

  • phase_list (list[str]) – List of phases for which ray paths are plotted, if they exist. See `phase_taup`_ for details on phase naming and convenience keys like 'ttbasic'. Defaults to 'ttall'.

  • plot_type (str) – Either "spherical" or "cartesian". A spherical plot is always global whereas a Cartesian one can also be local.

  • plot_all (bool) – By default all rays, even those travelling in the other direction and thus arriving at a distance of 360 - x degrees are shown. Set this to False to only show rays arriving at exactly x degrees.

  • legend (bool or str) – If boolean, specify whether or not to show the legend (at the default location.) If a str, specify the location of the legend. If you are plotting a single phase, you may consider using the label_arrivals argument.

  • label_arrivals (bool) – Label the arrivals with their respective phase names. This setting is only useful if you are plotting a single phase as otherwise the names could be large and possibly overlap or clip. Consider using the legend parameter instead if you are plotting multiple phases.

  • show (bool) – Show the plot

  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure) – Figure to plot in. If not given, a new figure will be created.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes) – Axes to plot in. If not given, a new figure with an axes will be created. Must be a polar axes for the spherical plot and a regular one for the Cartesian plot.


Matplotlib axes with the plot

Return type